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In general, most mounts require very little maintenance. Some do's and don'ts follow.

DO NOT:       




Most mounts can be cleaned simply with a static duster. Simply wipe with the hair to dust it off. Never go against the hair/fur, always go in the direction it is laying.

For antlers, have you ever seen a live deer with shiny antlers? Just keep the antlers out of the weather and direct sunlight and they should be just fine. Dust them when you dust the rest of your mount. It is the sun that bleaches them out.

To clean the eyes use a dampened q-tip very lightly with water or Windex in the eye area. Do not touch the painted area around the eye.

Fish can be cleaned gently with a static duster.  Always go with the scales, so head to tail. If you go against them you can risk popping a scale off and damaging the mount.

For life-sized mounts, call for directions. Cleaning techniques vary by species.


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